Hot-forging is the most fascinating part of our work. It involves a simple procedure based on plastic deformation, using which we manage to shape more than 3,000,000 items every year.
The production cycle, which takes place entirely inside our plant, starts with a fully automated bar cutting phase followed by graphite processing, the warm-up of parts, hot-forging, shearing and sandblasting of the surface.
Our factory is equipped with presses with a capacity of 400 tons and mechanical rockers with capacities ranging from 400 to 900 tons. These machines allow us to create products weighing between 50 grams and 14 kg. Our machines are equipped with devices for the automated loading of brass parts and the unloading of forged pieces. The temperature of bar parts is verified using a pyrometer before loading into the hot-forging machine. All hot-forging parameters are recorded in order to guarantee process repeatability.
Sample checks including destructive testing on hot-forged pieces are carried out in each phase of the production process to ensure high quality standards. Product identification along the whole manufacturing process guarantees the traceability of raw materials.