BRASS SYSTEMS TECHNICS caters to all sectors that use design components made of brass and its alloys: pneumatic, gas, water, solar, fluid distribution, food and beverage.
The mission of BRASS TECHNICS SYSTEMS is to offer a complete service of industrialization and creation of the finished product, based on the idea of the customer or the study of his needs.
BRASS TECHNICS SYSTEMS, thanks to the expertise and skills of its staff and well-structured production equipment, is the ideal partner for creating your products and developing your projects.
Providing a tailor–made service, BTS allows the Customer to work side-by-side with a flexible and smart company, ready to share its production skills for the creation of the final product.
Updated technology is the key to its success : for this reason BTS is firmly committed to an acquisition strategy which guarantees the most cutting- edge production technology.
BRASS TECHNICS SYSTEMS is aware of the social value of work and is therefore oriented to making optimal use of human resources and continually improving working conditions.
BRASS TECHNICS SYSTEMS respects the ecosystem and its activity is guided by principles of environmental sustainability. Thus the Company has always been committed to complying with regulations related to environmental protection and to promoting environmental awareness among all company employees.