Design plays a key role at BRASS TECHNICS SYSTEMS. By studying the customer's product design, our engineering team plans a specific machining process for every product. Then our designers develop drawings of the tools for the project using dedicated software (PTC-CREO) and the resulting coordinated product drawing which permits computer simulation of the machining. The interaction between the final product design and the tool design means that any modification in the product is possible only through a modification in the tool. The archive of product and tool designs is available at any time to our technicians in the “valid for production” version.
At the same time, we define procedures for checking each product specification during production and running a final test. In case of threading or special holes with a specific gauge not available in-house, a purchase order is immediately issued to our suppliers. Once finalized, the project drawing is transmitted to the customer for approval. Customer approval of the first sample represents validation for the whole project.